Random Musings of a Skeptical Nerd


I am a nerd who has been involved in technology since I was a child in the 70s.

My first computer was a TI-99/4A. Ever since then I have owned or used just about every type of computer since.

In the 90’s, I was very active in the BBS era and was an early adopter of Linux with SLS as my first distro and Slackware being my preferred daily driver until Debian became stable.

I have had a fairly typical career that started in college working the computer labs in college. I later become an underpaid computer handyman running all of the IT for a local municipality while going to college. At some point, I realized that I could go from making $10 an hour to $60,000 by dropping out of college and moving to the city. I did that and went through the corporate contracting job ladder starting at a helpdesk, working towards being a systems administrator. Eventually, I went back to college and ended up with a masters degree.

Today, I am an information security consultant by day. I am not biased towards any specific system or operating system. I prefer a BSD as a perimeter system and security device, Linux as a backend server with centos if I am getting paid for it and ubuntu if it is personal. I use Samba4 for AD and DNS, and ESXi for virtualization and as IAAS.Most of the application that I run are on top of a Rancher based Kubernets cluster running on top of my vSphere cluster. My desktop preference changes from time to time, currently it is Windows 10 professional due to the fact that my ham radio software runs on it, and the windows Linux environment allows me to run elf binaries without using virtualization.

Other interests include amateur radio, gaming, traveling, and just about a little bit of everything.

I am very concerned about politics, especially how our technology is being used to influence and control us. 

People who know me personally, have learned that I tend to question everything and I believe that the only way to truly understand something is to be a skeptic. 

The purpose of this site is a way to redevelop my writing skills that I have lost since grad school. My plan is to discuss how I see life and how technology interacts with it.

I will write things that are controversial, if you have an issue with it, please discuss it in the comments. Nothing that I write is meant to be personal, it is meant for us to think about it.

My email is ts@thetechnicalskeptic.com.