Random Musings of a Skeptical Nerd

The Technical Skeptic 2.0

About three months ago, I decided it was time to buckle down and learn kubernetes. For me the best way to learn things is to build something in my lab, break it, repeat. Once that is stable, I then bring my home application stack over to it. The hard part is that I am a infosec guy with a systems background. I have a CS degree and worked as a developer for a little bit and decided that I liked systems admin much more. The problem with kubernetes is that all of the documentation and tips is from a developer’s mindset, thus it is a big jump to grok it. To show my age, think of the jump from a procedural language like the original home computer basic to pascal or c. While at the same time, going OO.

It took a few months, but I got there. I will outline that in later posts.

I have ran a blog off and on from time to time. This time around I decided to try again is because I can now host it myself in kubernetes, complete with TLS. So here I am.

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